Overthinking is a toxic, preventable habit that erodes your self esteem, steals your joy and can lead to health problems such as depression, anxiety as well as other negative physical issues.


The Truth About Overthinking

  • It Silences Your True Inner Voice
  • Breeding Ground for Deception
  • Leaves Too Much Room for Comparison
  • Causes Emotional Instability
  • Stunts Productivity


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Symptoms of Overthinking

  • Difficulty Relaxing
  • Difficulty Concentrating
  • Moodiness or Irritability
  • Trouble Falling Asleep or Staying Asleep
  • Inability to Make Sound Decisions Without Second Guessing or Worrying
  • Frequent Headaches, Stomach Aches, or Muscle Aches
  • Chronic Fatigue


Sometimes we want something so much that we end up ruining whatever “it” is before it even begins. We imagine, daydream, fantasize, and develop unrealistic expectations. Then, if we do not achieve the desired results, we find ourselves in this never ending rollercoaster of anxiety, worry, and insecurity.


How Can We Stop Overthinking?

  • Stop Taking Things Personally
  • Realize That Everything is Not About You
  • Train Yourself Not to Rely on the Opinions of Others
  • Stop Second Guessing Your Decisions
  • Trust Your Intuition
  • Do Not Self Punish When Things Do Not Go As Planned
  • Stop Revisiting Your Losses
  • Move Forward and Vibrate Higher


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♡ Chelsea