Greenheart Juice is a small, woman owned business located in the front of the Down Dog Yoga studio in Georgetown. You may have already tried Greenheart Juice at some of the local farmer’s markets in DC, or even at The EmporiYUM. All of Greenheart’s juices are cold-pressed. Cold-pressed juices are produced using minimal heat and air which helps preserve more vitamins, minerals and nutrients. These are much more beneficial than your traditional pasteurized juices.

“Forever Young”, “Liquid Gold”, “Sassy Sunshine” +”The Rooster”


Greenheart Juice’s origin is one that was truly birthed out of love. Check out their history here.

“Forever Young” – Pineapple, Cucumber, Coconut Water + Aloe


There is even a cute bar area where you can chill out or get some work done before your next yoga class.

Adaptogenic Herbs

This is a one-stop wellness shop where you can pick up cold-pressed juices, handmade nut milks, dairy-free probiotic yogurt, granola, and adaptogens.


Be sure to save your Greenheart bottles. If you return them during your next visit you can get 50 cents off your next regular size juice purchase!

Greenheart Granola
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All photos by WillPowerPhotos for That’s Chelsea