Limited Edition Waterless Wonderbalm + The Super Couple


January has been such a busy month, whew! I’m finally sitting down to share my January Beauty Heroes box with you. Beauty Heroes is an online beauty store that also provides a monthly discovery service to introduce clean beauty through an intentional and educational approach. After working in the spa industry and discovering the prevalance of toxic ingredients used in this field and how they may have contributed to her own infertility, Beauty Heroes founder Jeannie Jarnot, began her journey to make clean beauty the rule, rather than the exception. Subscribers receive one full-size luxury, clean beauty product, along with a deluxe sidekick (because every hero needs a sidekick) from a clean beauty brand. Jeannie invites us all to , “Use Less. Love More.”

“What if everything we did, every decision we made came from a place of deep, instinctual self-love? How would we choose differently? Use Less. Love More.”

– Jeannie Jarnot

January 2017’s beauty discovery was Maya Chia. As a young girl, founder Susanne Norwitz often traveled with her father to Guatemala as he performed cleft lip surgeries in Mayan communities. After extensive research, Susanne discovered that the country’s native chia seed oil was the most omega and nutritionally dense oil in nature. Chia seed oil has been clinically proven to increase skin hydration, improve skin barrier function and reduce transepidermal water loss.  Maya Chia now sources all of their chia seed oil from sustainable cooperatives in Central and South America, and donates a portion of the proceeds to organizations that builds farms and schools in Mayan communities.


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The Super Couple, Astaxanathin + Chia Ultra Luxe Face Oil


The Super Couple is just one of two facial oils in Maya Chia’s line. This formula contains skin supporting botanicals such as jasmine, Bulgarian rose, cistus, Roman and German chamomile and carrot seed oil to treat hyperpigmentation, inflammation and to improve overall skin health and vitality. I like to apply this oil after cleansing and toning. I also apply this to my neck and décolleté. One of my older cousin’s always told me when I was younger, “Don’t neglect the neck!” Follow up as normal with your favorite moisturizer.

Superpower Ingredients

  • Chia – nourishing, repairing
  • Astaxanthin – protecting, anti-aging
  • Jasmine – repairing
  • Rose – nourishing, repairing
  • Sandalwood – firming, repairing
  • Rosewood – protecting, anti-aging
  • Carrot Seed – brightening, protecting
  • Lavender – anti-bacterial, repairing
  • Cistus – brightening, repairing
  • Frankincense – brightening, repairing
  • Myrrh – anti-inflammatory, repairing
  • Chamomile – anti-inflammatory

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Maya Chia Limited Edition Waterless Wonderbalm


Before I even get into the details of the sidekick for this month, you need to know that Waterless Wonderbalm smells amazing! “Listen!” *Beyoncé voice*. The Wonderbalm is so versatile. You can use this under your eyes at night, on dry knees, dry elbows, cracked heels. I would highly recommend this balm for anyone with eczema because it is waterless, and we know that some water based products can exacerbate the conditions of eczema. This Beauty Heroes edition is lightly scented with lavender, vetiver, patchouli, rose geranium, cardamom and Roman chamomile. This balm is unisex so you may need to hide this from the man in your life. 🙂

I will probably end up ordering another Waterless Wonderbalm because it’s limited edition and all Beauty Hero members automatically receive a 15% discount on all Hero Products in the Beauty Store. I’m so looking forward to receiving my February Beauty Heroes box! I’ll be sure to share with that you, too.

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♡ Chelsea

All photos by WillPowerPhotos for That’s Chelsea