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Tsi-La Organics Living Flower Love Collection


Did you know that most commercial perfumes can cause adverse health effects like hormone disruption, immune system disruption, reproductive issues, allergies and even cancer? On top of that, many perfumes contain animal-derived ingredients such as ambergris (whale intestines), caprylic acid (liquid fatty acid from cow’s or goat’s milk), civet (secretion from civet cats) and musk oil (dried secretion from musk deer, beaver, muskrat and other animals.) Yes, I took it there because it’s so important to know what you are buying. I used to be a Cartier girl myself, but had to quickly break up with him once I found out just how toxic and harmful he was.

Alternatively, I prefer to use natural perfumes like Tsi-La Organics. Tsi-La Organics is a vegan, plant-based line of botanical perfume. All of their perfumes are made from natural ingredients like essential oils, absolutes, and tinctures of herbs and flowers. You may have seen me mention them previously in my most recent Valentine’s Day Glam Guide.

Featured above is the Living Flower Love Collection (which includes my favorite scent, “Fleur Sauvage”), a set of perfume oils that has added aromatherapeutic benefits, instead of those other harmful, synthetic chemicals. This perfume will last anywhere from 2-3 years.

What’s Inside:

  • Kesu – earthy notes can help you feel emotionally grounded, calm and centered
  • Fiori D Arancio – Citrus notes can encourage harmony, joy and self confidence
  • Fleur Sauvage & Ilang Ilang –  Floral notes can enhance your sensuality and stimulate romance

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You can shop the entire Tsi-La Organics line here. Save 15% off your first purchase with code: natural

♡ Chelsea

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