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On Thursday September 21, 2017, myself along with Joanna of Wandering Wellness hosted #sacredselfcaredc , a plant-based, wellness and mindfulness workshop at Take Care Shop in Georgetown, DC.

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We were blessed with some amazing sponsors! The Happiness Planner provided Self-Awareness Boxes, a 100-Day (Undated) Planner, and Leafy Notebooks for each of our guests.

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We also received “Activate” cold pressed juice from South Block Juice Co., to help jump-start our session.

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Urban Stems

Lastly, Urban Stems donated the most beautiful, fragrant roses. The ladies raved about these beauties all evening! For a limited time, you can use code: SELFCAREDC for a discount on your next flower delivery.

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Before things officially started we asked each attendee to introduce themselves and tell us what made them feel led to attend #sacredselfcaredc.

Ondia J

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Sharing our stories.

These ladies shared some of their deepest thoughts and experiences with us and we were so honored to share this safe space with them.

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Who has never meditated?

During the first part of our workshop, Joanna led us in meditation and breathwork. For many of our attendees, this was their first time participating in a guided meditation.

Joanna explaining the benefits of breathwork and meditation and how they can help us with sacred thoughts.
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“Find your breath.”


During the second part of our workshop, I led the group in self-reflection using our Self-Awareness Boxes and asked the question, “Who are you?” I find it important to consistently check-in with ourselves, especially during major life changes as a gentle reminder of what makes us feel fulfilled and whole. Oftentimes, we get so caught up in busyness that we forget to do this the things that make us genuinely happy. Self-care isn’t selfish, it’s sacred.

Bayonia opening her Self-Awareness Box.


Happiness Planner Quotes
Affirmations and quote cards.

Sacred Self Care Table

The energy in that room was everything! We left with a strong reminder that we are all sacred! Our temples are sacred, what we eat should be sacred, what we wear and apply should be sacred, the ground we stand on is sacred! Our thoughts, actions, and words should be sacred. Our lives are sacred! I’m so thankful for this community of women that made a recommitment to living sacred. Sacred self-care is all about self-respect. It’s about becoming our best self so we can be better to others. How will you live sacred?

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All photos by WillPowerPhotos for That’s Chelsea

♡ Chelsea