The number of advertisements that I see on Instagram and Twitter promoting commercial “slimming teas” and “teatoxes” is quite disturbing. It’s no secret that some herbal teas can support weight loss, among many other benefits. One definitely does not need a $40 box of tea to get fit. However, what’s even scarier is that most of these commercial teas are being steeped in tea bags. I am a heavy tea drinker. However, whenever I drink tea it’s almost always loose-leaf tea. I will only use teabags if they are packaged in an unbleached, non-genetically modified tea bag like Paromi.

Let me tell you why.


Commercial Teabags


  • Teas are not washed prior to bagging
  • Many companies use bleached paper
  • There is no room for the tea leaves to fully expand, which yields less flavor
  • The tea is comprised of mostly “tea dust
  • Contains synthetic fillers such as “other natural flavors” or “soy lecithin”
  • Can only be steeped once



Loose-Leaf Tea


  • Loose-leaf teas are typically a higher quality grade of tea as they contain whole leaves
  • To preserve freshness, loose-leaf teas must be packaged in air tight containers
  • There are natural oils contained in the leaves themselves, which yield a more full bodied flavor
  • No tea dust
  • Most do not contain synthetic fillers, just the real deal (Always check/ask for a list of ingredients.)
  • Can be steeped several times



If you know another heavy tea drinker like myself, I encourage you to share this post with them.


Let’s get healthy, you deserve it.


♡ Chelsea