I tried the organic, gluten-free, plant-based meal delivery service that is frequently raved about by Victoria’s Secret models. Here’s what happened.


SAKARA is an organic meal delivery service that prides themselves on providing nutrient-dense hydrating foods, comprised of good fats and sulfur-rich vegetables. This service has received glowing reviews by several celebrities, such as Chrissy Teigen and Emanuela de Paula. Interestingly enough, you won’t find any nutritional information on these items as founders Whitney and Danielle do not believe in counting calories, points, or carbohydrates. Instead, they encourage their subscribers to make healthy food choices that will improve their overall quality of life. Read more about their nutrition pillars here.

As my readers may know, I practice a plant-based, gluten-free lifestyle. This service is not vegan as some of the meals do contain honey. I decided to try this service for the convenience factor in anticipation of a busy work week, and as a short Spring detox. Like many others, when I’m busy and overwhelmed, I am more likely to cave to unhealthy snacks like potato chips, caramel popcorn, or chocolate. These are definitely not beauty foods.


Sakakra Packaging
How gorgeous is this packaging?


When the SAKARA box arrived at my door, I was pleasantly surprised by the packaging. I truly appreciate when a company goes the extra mile and puts major effort into their package design. Tell me that this cover art does not scream, “Goddess Food!”


Sakara Cold Packs


The food was still cold as the box contained about 7 to 8 reusable ice packs. In fact, some of the morning waters and night waters arrived frozen. This didn’t bother me too much. I’d rather have the food arrive too cold, than lukewarm and wilted.


Ice Pack
SAKARA Ice Packs


I opted to save my ice packs for future use. This meal service is not cheap. I decided to try and maximize every dollar. How cute is the tagline?


Sakara Bag


Inside the box there was a tote with the SAKARA logo on the front. This is a great for carrying your lunch and ice packs with you while on the go. I also saw a few customers with the black version of this bag, with a reverse white logo.


Beauty Waters II
Morning Water and Night Water


The Morning Water and Night Water were really refreshing. The Morning Water definitely tasted like rose, but the flavor was not overpowering. Rose water is trending right now in the beauty industry due to its antioxidant properties. It was nice to try this brand’s take on it.

When I saw the color of the of the Night Water I immediately prepared myself for a green, grassy taste. However, it was just the opposite. It tasted pretty much like regular water. No after taste, nothing.


Detox Tea
Superherb Detox Tea


While on this program, you are discouraged from drinking coffee or caffeine. GASP! I know. You are provided with a set of naturally caffeine free Superhero Detox Tea for each day that you are on SAKARA. I didn’t like the fact that the teas were in teabags. I would have preferred to received loose leaf tea. You can see my thoughts on tea bags here.


Goddess Mylk Breakfast
Classic Superfood Granola and Green Goddess Mylk


I wasn’t able to include photos of all the food however, I’ve included photos of some of my favorites for you. I really enjoyed the Classic Superfood Granola and Goddess Mylk. I poured the Goddess Milk over the granola to create a superfood cereal. The cereal contains gluten-free rolled oats, almonds, coconut flakes, goji berries, coconut oil, raw honey, and himalayan sea salt. The Goddess Mylk contains almond milk, dates, spiraling, cardamom, and himalayan sea salt.

Goddess Mylk
Green Goddess Mylk


Classic Superfood Granola and Green Goddess Mylk


Aphrodite Bar
Aphrodite’s Morning Fig Bar


Aphrodite’s Morning Fig Bar was another breakfast. I absolutely love figs! I have a major sweet tooth and this conquered it without being too sweet. Per the instructions, I heated this bar up for a couple minutes in the oven. What interested me most about this breakfast bar is that is contains applesauce. I have never tried applesauce in any of my baked goods. It was pretty filling.

Salad II
Each meal arrives in a plastic container


Margarita Flatbread with Rustic Tomato + Macadamia Ricotta

On day two of the program, a Certified Health Coach (CHC) and member of the SAKARA Wellness Team reached out to welcome me to the SAKARA family. The CHC checked in to find out how I was enjoying the meals, and if I had any questions.

We are so honored to be a part of your health & wellness journey. Please know that I will be here for you every step of the way – never hesitate to email with questions, feedback, updates, or even just to chat :).”  I thought this was a nice touch.

Overall, I thought that this meal delivery service was pretty decent. I agree with SAKARA’s theory that we should cut the counting and focus on nutrient density.  The food was fresh, different, and filling. However, this is not something that I would use on a regular basis as the price point is prohibitive. However, this may be an option for someone who wants to detox or just treat themselves to some high quality plant-based food. Updated: $50 coupon code removed per SAKARA’s request (9/15/16).

♡ Chelsea