Papaya Boat



Ladies – Summer is right around the corner! If you are looking for a way make up time due to several missed workouts this past winter, incorporating papaya into your balanced diet will help you speed up the process. Papaya is the perfect “flat tummy food” because it is full of fiber, and contains a beneficial digestive enzyme called papain that helps break down carbohydrates and protein. Papaya also helps to boost your metabolism, and improves the appearance of your skin due to its antioxidant nutrients. Papaya boats are a fun way to incorporate this fruit into your diet. However, make sure you always buy your papayas organic. They are one of the top ten genetically modified foods.


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1 ripe papaya

A few spoonfuls of unsweetened coconut yogurt

1/2 cup strawberries or your choice of fruit (blueberries or kiwi would be amazing!)

agave or coconut nectar

chia seeds or unsweetened shredded coconut (optional)



Slice your papaya in half lengthwise, and spoon out the seeds. Fill each side with unsweetened coconut yogurt, fruit, or any other toppings of your choice. Drizzle with agave or coconut nectar. I also like to sprinkle my papaya boats with a pinch of chia seeds or unsweetened shredded coconut.



Eating Papya



*Note: Don’t let your papaya seeds go to waste. They help kill intestinal worms and parasites. Store them in your refrigerator and toss a few in your smoothies. I usually keep my seeds for about a week.


All photos by WillPowerPhotos for That’s Chelsea

♡ Chelsea