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Need a hair oil that will stimulate the scalp and encourage hair growth? I have been really enjoying the Tamanu Oil by Be Kekoa. Many of you may have heard me talk about adding peppermint oil or rosemary oil to my shampoo to stimulate the scalp. Tamanu Oil is another great option if your hair needs an extra boost.

So, what exactly is Tamanu Oil? (I thought the same thing when I first discovered it.) Tamanu Oil is a natural nut oil that comes from the nut kernels of the Tamanu Tree. The Tamanu Tree is indigenous to tropical Southeast Asia; and can be found in Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar, Malaysia, South India, Sri Lanka, and the Melanesian and Polynesian islands. Be Kekoa’s Tamanu Oil is 100% organic and pure. It is hand pressed using ancient Polynesian methods, and takes nearly a year for the oil to go from tree to bottle.

Healing Powers of Be Kekoa Tamanu Oil:

  • Stimulates the scalp and encourages growth
  • Strengthens and regrows thinning edges
  • Adds natural luster to dry, dull hair
  • Prevents breakage on natural and chemically treated hair
  • Heals split ends
  • Calms itchy, flaky scalp
  • Protects hair from damaging UV rays
  • Locks in moisture on chronically dry hair
  • Reduces the signs of aging hair and skin
  • Evens skin discoloration and rosacea
  • Fights blemishes and breakouts
  • Relieves dry, itchy skin (psoriasis, eczema, seborrheic dermatitis)
  • Fades stretch marks
  • Heals rashes, insect bites, and burns
  • Softens dry, calloused feet and skin
  • Promotes healthy nail growth
  • Reduces signs of scarring on skin

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Be Kekoa is also a fair trade company. Be Kekoa’s Tamanu Oil is the only Tamanu Oil on the market made with the Mana and blessing of the people of Huahine. The farmers receive an equitable price for their knowledge, and for their work. This makes an incredible difference for them economically.

I have found the most benefit from Be Kekoa’s Tamanu Oil by adding a few drops to my deep conditioner, and by adding a few drops to my fingertips prior to taking down my twist outs. I don’t have many staple beauty items, but after using this for about a month – this will definitely stay in my rotation.

Visit Be Kekoa’s website to learn more about their Tamanu Oil and shop the full hair care line.


This post was sponsored by Be Kekoa. Thoughts and opinions are my own.

♡ Chelsea

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