On June 22, 2017, I hosted an event called “Consciously Clean” as part of Sweetgreen’s “Live the Sweetlife” series in Washington, DC. If you are from the DMV, you may remember Sweetgreen’s sweetlife festival. This year, instead of one big festival, Sweetgreen is hosting a series of sweetlife experiences around the country that will capture the essence of the sweetlife — music, food and community — in a more intimate environment to build local communities and to honor the legacy of music that has been so core to sweetgreen since the beginning. I joined Sweetgreen for their second experience in the District.

Sweetgreen and I partnered with Up Top Acres to host a sundown supper. Up Top Acres grows food on roofs in the city by converting underutilized spaces into productive farmland and environmental safeguards. They create spaces for communities to interact and learn about food, in order to establish agriculture as a fixture of city life. Attendees learned more about the healing power of real food, and simple steps to take to live a cleaner lifestyle.


Guests of Consciously Clean were provided the option of dining on my consciously curated dinner bowl, “Chelsea’s Choice”, or their own creation. I included quinoa and chickpeas in my bowl because they both provide a good source of plant-based protein. Nori furikake is rich in iodine, which is great for boosting thyroid function. It also provides a savory flavor without a ton of salt. Did you know Sweetgreen’s pesto vinaigrette is vegan? If you avoid dairy, then you know just how major this is!


Filling up our bowls.


Guests also enjoyed summer cocktails (or mocktails!) while enjoying the sunset over the DC skyline.


The Blueberry Basil Fresca is one of my favorite drinks from Sweetgreen.
How fresh does this food look?


During our sundown supper, I shared more of my story and why I started my blog. This blog isn’t just about me, but it’s about helping each and every one of you. 10

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There was also time for attendees to ask questions about plant-based, non-toxic living.


We had such a great turnout. 50 people showed up to learn more about living consciously cleaner.


These are two of my good friends, Chasity Cooper and Lindsey Brown. Be sure to check out their work.


Did I mention that we also planted basil and succulents? Up Top Acres proved to us that you can grow your own food just about anywhere.


This might be my favorite photo from the evening. These two boys were so happy to be at the farm.


Thanks again to all who attended Live the Sweetlife: Consciously Clean. It was great getting to know each of you and hearing your stories. My heart is full. You definitely made my life a little bit sweeter.

♡ Chelsea

Special Thanks to Sweetgreen and Up Top Acres

All photos by WillPowerPhotos for That’s Chelsea