This month’s Beauty Heroes Discovery features MAHALO Skin Care. Maryna, founder of MAHALO, drew inspiration from her abundant surroundings in Kaua’i to create her latest product, The Bean Antioxidant Mask. This mask contains a rich combination of local, ethically and transparently sourced raw honey, fresh island turmeric, anti-aging astaxanthin, organic cacao, green coffee beans, red coffee beans and organic green tea which detoxify, exfoliate and firm the skin.

The Bean Antioxidant Mask also contains organic ginger, clove and cinnamon which naturally stimulate circulation and energize cell renewal. I absolutely LOVE the notes of vanilla, honey, cardamom and dark chocolate in this mask. This is a perfect combination that yields such a feminine fragrance. It took Maryna over a year and a half to perfect this mask, which is representative of Maryna’s commitment to creating products that deliver results.

Astaxanthin – brightening, protecting
Bamboo Charcoal – detoxifying
Bergamot – brightening, toning
Cacao – stimulating, clearing
Carrot Seed – brightening, cell-regenerating
Coffee – brightening, protecting
Hibiscus – firming
Honey – anti-bacterial, brightening, exfoliating, hydrating
Sandalwood – cell-regenerating
Sea Buckthorn Extract – repairing, nourishing
Turmeric – brightening, protecting
Watermelon – brightening, nourishing



This month’s sidekick is the MAHALO Bamboo Beauty BrushThis brush is compact and sturdy, making it perfect for travel. Prior to using this brush, I applied my masks with my hands. (Don’t judge me!) After using this brush I found that mask application is much more delicate on the skin, especially when applying around the eye area. 

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After using Beauty Heroes for about 3 months, I joined their Circle of Trust as a Brand ambassador. I have noticed such a difference in my hair and skin, that I had to put my stamp of approval on it. You can read more about the Circle of Trust here.

Mahalo Skincare is available in the August Beauty Heroes subscription box for $39 ($115 for 3 months)August’s Beauty Discovery is valued at $100. Join Beauty Heroes by August 20th to receive this month’s Hero product, the Bean Antioxidant Mask, plus Sidekick, the Bamboo Beauty Brush.

♡ Chelsea

Photos provided by Beauty Heroes.