Chelsea Williams
“Own Your Glow” by Latham Thomas


Latham Thomas, also known as Glow Maven, is a celebrity wellness and lifestyle guru, doula, author, and just all around amazing woman. Latham helps women “embrace optimal wellness and spiritual growth as a pathway to owning their power.” She was recently named as one of Oprah’s SuperSoul 100, a group of leaders elevating humanity with their gifts and talents. Through her platform, Mama Glow, Latham provides holistic services, education and inspiration to expectant and new mothers.

I’ve been following Latham online for years, long before I started my blog. I’ve always admired her work and ability to maintain a great sense of balance. She was always appearing in places and spaces that I dreamed of being. Guys, to put things in perspective, this woman serves on the Tufts University Nutrition Council.

As I believed that our path would one day cross, I had always envisioned greeting Latham with this well thought out, deep sequence of words. However, when we met at W.E.L.L. Summit 2017, all I could say was “hello” and “thank you.” Well, we did exchange a few more words. Mostly about how tall I am in real life, which is not always reflected on social media. But I realized in that moment that sometimes a simple, “thank you” is all that needs to be said.

What was I thanking her for exactly? I was thanking her for showing up. For having the courage to take space in a creative wellness industry. For being a relatable woman of color that I could look up to. I thanked her because the wellness world is not by any means diverse or flexible, although it is getting better. I thanked her for continuing to press on this journey because it’s not easy. I thanked her for showing me that I could do it too, even in those moments when I questioned God’s voice that’s been telling me all along that I could do it too.

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Latham left me a beautiful hand written note in my copy of Own Your Glow (a gift to W.E.L.L. Summit attendees.) Everything that Latham participates in so thoughtfully done. Honestly, she could have just signed her name and kept it moving. Instead, she took this deep breath in, looked me up and down, and paused.

You my queen, are beautiful and a huge blessing to us all. Your radiance is palpable and I am so honored to meet you in spirit and flesh. Thank you for leaving a being a bright light and a woman of faith— an example of leadership in the world. I thank you. I love you. Keep shining. Always remember to embrace your magic.

—  Guidance, Latham.

Latham Thomas
Latham and I after Day 1 of W.E.L.L. Summit

Own Your Glow is a transformative book that has helped me make the shift that I’ve found necessary in this stage of my life. From embracing your unique feminine attributes, to nutrition tips, to learning how to find a mentor, there is something for every woman. This book is truly something you must experience for yourself. There’s even a “Glow Glossary” and several recipes. “Iridescent Matcha Bath Truffles”!? Yes, please! Latham proves that even though “self-care” has been coined a trendy term, it’s one that is here to stay.

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♡ Chelsea