Black Radish  Grocer

An inside look at a vegan grocery store located in Ybor City.  Here you will find  plant-based cheeses, non-alcoholic beverages, breakfast sandwiches,  and more. 


Black Radish showcases a variety of delicious, healthful, and convenient foods in an inclusive and friendly environment.

Store entrance.

I try to limit my alcohol intake and Black Radish has a great selection of mocktails. Be sure to check out their "mockail lounge" at the front of the store. 

This is one of my favorite alternatives.  It does contain added sugar, so you still have to be mindful about your intake.

I wanted to purchase this based on  the packaging alone.  However, I skipped it due to the price point. Let me know if it's worth it!

I love this local plant-based cheese brand!

Check out this sustainable brand of vegan caviar made from seaweed! It can be eaten up to 3 months after opening.

Breakfast is served all day. Here's a glimpse of the menu. Please note that items may be seasonal. 

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