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Beauty tips for those with dry, coarse hair, and sensitive skin.

How I Use Heritage Store Products



Heritage Store's Castor Oil is great for enhancing the shine, strength, and fullness of my eyebrows. I apply the oil to my brows using and eyeshadow brush. 


Heritage Store's Rosewater & Glycerin Spray helps attract and lock-in moisture, while keeping your hair soft. 


Products like mascara can be very drying for our lashes. Therefore, I coat my lashes with Heritage Store's Castor Oil a few times a week. Its rich essential fatty acid content can help restore moisture. 


Think of Heritage Store's Castor Oil as a soft gel that can give you a light hold without the flaking that can come with alcohol-based styling products. 


I am prone to redness, and Heritage Store's Rosewater Facial Toner helps me calm my skin, It is oil-free and formulated for sensitive skin.


Heritage Store's Rosewater is a great alternative to synthetic parfums. Add some to bath water or mist your body after you step out of the shower.

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