An inside look at a plant-based, asian-inspired eatery in St. Petersburg, Florida. 

The Cider Press Cafe

"BBQ Nutfloaf"

Raw vegan "meatloaf" made from a variety of nuts and mushrooms. Topped with mango barbeque sauce and served with a "summer slaw."

"Pad Thai"

Kelp and zucchini noodles topped with mixed vegetables, pineapple, cabbage, tamari almonds, and spicy tamarind sauce.

This was by far my favorite dish on the menu. Here's a closer look.

"Pineapple Kimchi Dumplings"

Coconut paper dumplings filled with pineapple kimchi, cashews, and mango ahi sauce.

"Rainbow Spring Rolls"

Rice paper rolls filled with red cabbage, sweet bell peppers, and cucumber, topped with almond jerk.

"Veggie 'Tuna' Rolls"

Vegan sushi rolls filled with watermelon and cucumber, topped with avocado and black sesame.

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